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Stable release of v3.1.19
We fixed #972 so that custom code (in the header) will be added after the power namespaces. We added a message to show when a server move failed. We fixed the BaseConfig to not use '_' as separator. We fixed the footable loading issue. We removed the need for passing placeholders by reference. We added the option to generate a CHANGELOG. We fixed the server class to load new client if server details changed. We fixed the readme placeholder issue #978. We fixed the empty server url issue #978. Fixed Package import to now use the phplibsec version 3.
2023-02-27 14:27:41 +02:00
api.php Stable release of v3.1.19 2023-02-27 14:27:41 +02:00
help.php Moved JCB into one version. 2022-07-09 17:45:08 +02:00
index.html added JCB initial API frontend to run backups of JCB components, setup automated backup system with cronjob 2017-08-20 18:52:35 +01:00