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Where can you get support and help?
+ [The JCB Tutorials][Tutorials]
+ [Hello World Tutorial][HelloWorld]
+ [The JCB! Wiki][Wiki]
+ [JCB Forum][forum]
+ [Report a Security Issue][Security]
+ [Community Complaint][Complaint]
+ [Open Issue On Github][Issue] ^^
Since JCB has become a community project [][VDM] is **no longer solely responsible** for support.
We have started a [**JCB forum**][forum] where you can post questions, about how things work, or if you need some kind of help in relation to your development of your components.
^^ Then if you run into any issues, related to the JCB code, like bugs, **start by searching** the (*open & closed*) [issues][Issue] over on Github, and if the issue has not been mentioned before, **then only** open a new issue, following the [community guidelines][guidelines].