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# Joomla Component Builder ([JCB](
This is a [Joomla 3.x]( component. [__See In Action__](
![Component Builder image]( "The Component Builder")
The Component Builder for [Joomla]( is highly advanced tool that is truly able to build extremely complex components in a fraction of the time.
Whether you're a seasoned [Joomla]( developer, or have just started, Component Builder will save you lots of time and money. A real must have!
You can install it quite easily and with no limitations. On [gitea]( is the latest release (3.2.1) with **ALL** its features and **ALL** concepts totally open-source and free!
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> Watch Quick Build of a Hello World component in [JCB on Youtube](
Once installed upgrades are quick and easy via the default [Joomla]( upgrade area.
Some of the Features
+ Fetch Code from IDE and place it back in component during next compilation.
+ Add [Joomla custom fields]( in any of your components.
+ Add you [own dashboard]( in the back-end.
+ [Dynamic File and Folder]( Inclusion concept.
+ [Easy Translation]( via excel.
+ Adding your [own rule validation]( to a field in [JCB](
+ [Automated backup system]( in [JCB](
+ Adding mySQL Dump to any View/Table.
+ Grab existing Table data and build a dynamic dump.
+ Unlimited [Joomla]( Components.
+ Unlimited Tables/Views.
+ Reusing Views and Fields.
+ Runs on Your Own [Joomla]( Install.
+ Add Dynamic/custom back-end views that uses Table and Chart result sets.
+ Build data query of extreme complex nature to use in Dynamic/custom views.
+ Highly Dynamic/custom Front-end Structures.
+ Dynamically setup templates and layouts for Front-end design.
+ Integration of the excellent UIKIT lib.
+ Integration of the excellent FOOTABLE lib.
+ All [Joomla]( Standard Field Types (including subforms).
+ Strong Implementation of all [Joomla]( Form Security.
+ Load data via ajax with ease.
+ You can add an Update Server to Components you build.
+ Build advanced Dynamic front-end forms.
+ Dynamic data queries from multiple tables.
+ Place in local GIT folder, and publish to sales server.
+ Include any amount of custom files and folders during build.
+ Static helper class with smart methods already included.
+ Static helper methods Can easily be added.
+ Direct install from compiler view.
+ Integrative with native [Joomla]( Categories and Tags.
+ Fully Dynamic Search Friendly URL Auto Implementation.
+ Custom scripting options all over the MVC structure.
+ Permission implementation down to each view, item and field.
+ Easy extendible to include other libraries.
+ Can include SQL and visioning update link to distribute your component updates via [Joomla]( default upgrade of components.
+ Easy Export & Import addon to all backend-tables.
+ Overriding ability of import concepts in all backend-tables.
+ The Batch and Filter implementation on all backend-list views.
+ This and much much more are all possible with this component builder!
Just Imagine
+ Your Component Back-end can be more advanced then the [Joomla]( Article Manager.
+ Your Code as Perfectly Unified to the strict [Joomla]( Standards.
+ Adding Custom Scripting almost anywhere in the MVC structure.
+ Import and export feature to all backend-views.
+ Batch copy and move/update feature for all backend-views.
+ History tracking per/change made on any back-end item.
+ Dynamic field control, to show and hide fields in amazing ways.
+ Front-end freedom of design that allows for any library to be used.
+ This and much much more are all possible with this component builder!
You are in Control
+ You can change the licensing template for your components.
+ You can change/improve existing field types and add more.
+ Line numbers to show where in compiler was the code build.
+ You can improve the component since all code are open-source.
+ Free updates for the lifetime of the project.
+ You can dynamically add internal help structures to all component.
+ There is no limitations on how big or how much you want to build (server limitation only).
+ This is a complete factory kind of component that functions like a deployment hub.
+ Export any component completely mapped in [JCB]( and import into another [JCB](
+ This and much much more are all possible with this component builder!
Get More Demo Content
> You can now get access to the WOW factor, [JCB]( fully mapped can now be yours! Including many other [JCB]( mapped components.
### All you need to do is [explained here](!
To install these packages [watch this tutorial](
Where can you get support and help?
- [Package](
- [Download](
- [Tutorials](
- [German](
- [Hello World](
- [Discussions](
- [Wiki](
- [Issues]( ^^
- [Issues Stream](
- [Updates](
- [User Group](
- [Announcement](
- [Beta](
- [Nightly Build](
- [Community Complaint](
- [Security](
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^^ Then if you run into any issues, related to the [JCB]( code, like bugs, **start by searching** the (*open & closed*) issues over on [Gitea](, and if the issue has not been mentioned before, **then only** open a new issue, following the [community guidelines](
> We are Open Source Enthusiast
> Who Support the [Joomla]( Community
Our idea was to almost let this tool serve as a cheat sheet to how things can be done... and with the help of other developers end up formulating the way how things not only can, but must be done to insure secure, stable, scalable and maintainable code is produced.
Get involved on the forums, and the Gitea issues, and you can even help us develop/improve the pipeline of [JCB]( for continues delivery. We really want to see [JCB]( remain the tool of choice for all [Joomla Component Development]( needs and ideas.
- Add automatic unit testing. To nurture pipeline integration for all components build with [JCB](
- Team collaborative development across [JCB]( installations offline and online.
- Documentation (maintained by the community) for [JCB]( (help us select the best system for this)
# Build Details
+ *Community*: [Vast Development Method](
+ *Author*: [Llewellyn van der Merwe](
+ *Name*: [Component Builder](
+ *First Build*: 30th April, 2015
+ *Last Build*: 10th May, 2024
+ *Version*: 3.2.1
2023-02-06 11:28:45 +00:00
+ *Copyright*: Copyright (C) 2015 Vast Development Method. All rights reserved.
+ *License*: GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see LICENSE.txt
+ *Line count*: **761616**
+ *Field count*: **2097**
+ *File count*: **5292**
+ *Folder count*: **471**
2023-02-06 11:28:45 +00:00
> This **component** was build with a [Joomla]( [Automated Component Builder](
> Developed by [Llewellyn van der Merwe](
2023-02-06 11:28:45 +00:00
## Contributors
This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute to the [Joomla Component Builder Project](
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