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@ -8,6 +8,8 @@
// MAIN.
php artisan clear-compiled // Remove the compiled class file
php artisan db // Start a new database CLI session
php artisan docs // Access the Laravel documentation
php artisan down // Put the application into maintenance mode
php artisan dump-server // Start the dump server to collect dump information.
php artisan env // Display the current framework environment
@ -43,6 +45,9 @@ php artisan config:clear // Remove the configuration cache file
// DB
php artisan db:seed // Seed the database with records
php artisan db:show // Display information about the given database
php artisan db:table // Display information about the given database table
php artisan db:wipe // Drop all tables, views, and types
@ -54,9 +59,10 @@ php artisan key:generate // Set the application key
php artisan make:auth // Scaffold basic login and registration views and routes
php artisan make:cast // Create a new custom Eloquent cast class
php artisan make:channel // Create a new channel class
php artisan make:command // Create a new Artisan command
php artisan make:component // Create a new view component class
php artisan make:controller // Create a new controller class
php artisan make:event // Create a new event class
php artisan make:exception // Create a new custom exception class
@ -74,6 +80,7 @@ php artisan make:provider // Create a new service provider class
php artisan make:request // Create a new form request class
php artisan make:resource // Create a new resource
php artisan make:rule // Create a new validation rule
php artisan make:scope // Create a new scope class
php artisan make:seeder // Create a new seeder class
php artisan make:test // Create a new test class
@ -86,6 +93,10 @@ php artisan migrate:reset // Rollback all database migrations
php artisan migrate:rollback // Rollback the last database migration
php artisan migrate:status // Show the status of each migration
php artisan model:prune // Prune models that are no longer needed
php artisan model:show // Show information about an Eloquent model
php artisan notifications:table // Create a migration for the notifications table
@ -100,13 +111,19 @@ php artisan package:discover // Rebuild the cached package manifest
php artisan queue:batches-table // Create a migration for the batches database table
php artisan queue:clear // Delete all of the jobs from the specified queue
php artisan queue:failed // List all of the failed queue jobs
php artisan queue:failed-table // Create a migration for the failed queue jobs database table
php artisan queue:flush // Flush all of the failed queue jobs
php artisan queue:forget // Delete a failed queue job
php artisan queue:listen // Listen to a given queue
php artisan queue:monitor // Monitor the size of the specified queues
php artisan queue:prune-batches // Prune stale entries from the batches database
php artisan queue:prune-failed // Prune stale entries from the failed jobs table
php artisan queue:restart // Restart queue worker daemons after their current job
php artisan queue:retry // Retry a failed queue job
php artisan queue:retry-batch // Retry the failed jobs for a batch
php artisan queue:table // Create a migration for the queue jobs database table
php artisan queue:work // Start processing jobs on the queue as a daemon
@ -116,9 +133,26 @@ php artisan route:cache // Create a route cache file for faster route r
php artisan route:clear // Remove the route cache file
php artisan route:list // List all registered routes
php artisan sail:install // Install Laravel Sail's default Docker Compose file
php artisan sail:publish // Publish the Laravel Sail Docker files
php artisan sanctum:prune-expired // Prune tokens expired for more than specified number of hours.
php artisan schedule:run // Run the scheduled commands
php artisan schedule:clear-cache // Delete the cached mutex files created by scheduler
php artisan schedule:list // List the scheduled commands
php artisan schedule:run // Run the scheduled commands
php artisan schedule:test // Run a scheduled command
php artisan schedule:work // Start the schedule worker
php artisan schema:dump // Dump the given database schema
@ -128,6 +162,10 @@ php artisan session:table // Create a migration for the session database
php artisan storage:link // Create a symbolic link from "public/storage" to "storage/app/public"
php artisan stub:publish // Publish all stubs that are available for customization
php artisan vendor:publish // Publish any publishable assets from vendor packages