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# restic project governance
## Overview
The restic project uses a governance model commonly described as Benevolent
Dictator For Life (BDFL). This document outlines our understanding of what this
means. It is derived from the [i3 window manager project
## Roles
* user: anyone who interacts with the restic project
* core contributor: a handful of people who have contributed significantly to
the project by any means (issue triage, support, documentation, code, etc.).
Core contributors are recognizable via GitHubs "Member" badge.
* Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL): a single individual who makes decisions
when consensus cannot be reached. restic's current BDFL is [@fd0](
## Decision making process
In general, we try to reach consensus in discussions. In case consensus cannot
be reached, the BDFL makes a decision.
## Contribution process
The contribution process is described in a separate document called