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# This is the configuration for golangci-lint for the restic project.
# A sample config with all settings is here:
# only enable the linters listed below
disable-all: true
# make sure all errors returned by functions are handled
- errcheck
# show how code can be simplified
- gosimple
# make sure code is formatted
- gofmt
# examine code and report suspicious constructs, such as Printf calls whose
# arguments do not align with the format string
- govet
# make sure names and comments are used according to the conventions
- revive
# detect when assignments to existing variables are not used
- ineffassign
# run static analysis and find errors
- staticcheck
# find unused variables, functions, structs, types, etc.
- unused
# parse and typecheck code
- typecheck
# don't use the default exclude rules, this hides (among others) ignored
# errors from Close() calls
exclude-use-default: false
# list of things to not warn about
# revive: do not warn about missing comments for exported stuff
- exported (function|method|var|type|const) .* should have comment or be unexported
# revive: ignore constants in all caps
- don't use ALL_CAPS in Go names; use CamelCase
# revive: lots of packages don't have such a comment
- "package-comments: should have a package comment"
# staticcheck: there's no easy way to replace these packages
- "SA1019: \"\" is deprecated"
- "SA1019: \"\" is deprecated"