Welcome to the Octoleo Project

Welcome to the official repository of the Octoleo project! Here you will find a suite of tools and libraries designed to enhance your development workflow, improve efficiency, and provide robust solutions for common challenges.

Overview of Octoleo Projects

Project Description Repository Link
OctoJoom Easily deploys Docker containers of Joomla for a powerful, secure shared development environment. OctoJoom
OctoZipo Unzips packages and converts them to repositories or updates existing ones. (still private)
OctoPower Packages multiple JCB power classes into a Composer PHP package using a JSON configuration and environment variables. OctoPower
OctoJpack Easily packages multiple Joomla extensions in an automated way using a JSON configuration file and environment variables. OctoJpack
OctoSync Synchronizes files and repositories between local and remote locations. OctoSync
FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3
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