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Welcome to the Joomla! Component Builder (JCB)

Joomla Component Builder (JCB) is a powerful tool designed to simplify and accelerate the development of custom Joomla components. Its primary goal is to empower developers by providing an intuitive interface that automates the creation of component code, enabling you to build, customize, and manage Joomla components with ease.

By using JCB, you can focus more on your specific application logic and less on repetitive coding tasks, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined development process. Dive in, explore the possibilities, and contribute to making Joomla component development faster and more enjoyable for everyone!

Description Links
Report an issue with the Joomla! Component Builder. Open An Issue
Download the JCB package to install on your Joomla website. J 5 - J 4 - J 3
Join us on Telegram. Announcement - Updates - User Group
Join us on JoomlaCommunity Chat, (mattermost) JCB Channel
Watch and learn from video tutorials. Original - German - Hello World
Search the wiki text based on the tutorials. Wiki
Contributing to the Joomla Component Builder Guide