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Contributing to the Joomla Component Builder (JCB)

You are welcome to submit a contribution for review and possible inclusion in the Joomla Component Builder but, before it will be accepted, we ask that you follow these simple steps:

  1. Please watch these tutorials

  2. Open an issue on GitHub. If you can, please provide a fix and create a pull request (PR) instead; this will automatically create an issue for you so you do not have to create an issue if you are creating a pull request.

  3. Follow the Joomla! Coding Standards.

  4. When filing an issue or opening a PR, please include a clear title and description. The title should be a short summary of an issue and, if possible, should include a reference to an open issue. For example, Invalid Query in com_admin (Ref #1234) would be sufficient. All issues and PRs should include a description with as much detail as possible. If it is a PR, include what the issue is, what the PR is addressing, testing instructions and environmental information (PHP version, database driver and version, and other data you can retrieve from your site's system information view) in case the issue is specific to certain environments. If additional information is needed, please be prepared to provide it as our community members review your submission.

  5. Report security issues to the JCB! Core Team using the Report security issues contact form. Please do not use the public forums for security issues.

Please be patient as not all items will be tested immediately (remember, all bug testing for the JCB is done by volunteers) and be receptive to feedback about your code.


PRs should usually be made to the staging branch as this contains the most recent version of the code.