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Release of v3.2.2-alpha4
Update the Schema class to also update null mismatching if needed.
2024-06-07 23:03:20 +02:00

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  • Update the Schema class to also update null mismatching if needed


  • Fix auto build from SQL in Joomla 4 and 5.
  • Fix permission issue for admin views.
  • Add extending options to interfaces.


  • Add power path override option on component level.
  • Fix the sql build feature. #1032
  • Add view list and single name fix.
  • Add component code name fix.
  • Add reset list of powers.
  • Fix missing Factory class in plugin. #1102
  • Fix plugin code display when methods and properties are missing.
  • Add Joomla powers for namespace dynamic management.
  • Add fallback option to ensure that all JCB tables and fields exist.
  • Move the powers autoloader to its own file.
  • Fix the media field size limitation. #1109
  • Add dynamic datatype update to schema field check.
  • Fix version_update column size.
  • Improved the Schema Table update engine.
  • Improved the Schema Table update engine (more)
  • Fix autoloader timing, and loading.
  • Implement the Joomla Powers in JCB code, to move away from JClasses.
  • Remove many of the SQL updates, to only use the Schema updates of table columns to avoid collusion.
  • Fix the admin.css file loading on dashboard. #1112
  • Fix the missing model call. #1114
  • Fix the wrong $date call. #1115
  • Add the BaseDatabaseModel use statement to custom site view controller. #1119
  • Fix the customfolderlist field. #1120
  • Stable release of JCB 3.2.1


  • Fix #1053 so that the right and left tabs display correctly in Joomla 4&5
  • Move the old helper compiler files to powers
  • Move the old helper extrusion files to powers
  • Add Preferred Joomla Version to Components
  • Add custom file file mapping for Joomla 4 and 5
  • Fix the plug-in installer script builder bug #1068
  • Fix Event triggers for Joomla 4 and 5 builds.
  • Fix plugin field selection
  • Fix plugin params tab layout
  • Add issue templates
  • Force autoloader to always load
  • Add Factory class to the J5 Event class. #1093
  • Fix [Set String Value] in placeholder table to store the value as a base64 string.
  • Fix the search area layout.
  • Fix the search area code line selection.
  • Fix the input edit button for custom fields.
  • Add the new layout to list fields (GUI UPDATE)


  • Add namspace prefix to both global, and component override level.
  • Add Joomla 4 and 5 build option
  • Add joomla_version to custom code.
  • Add Joomla 4 and 5 correct build files.
  • Fix #1026 by removing chosen everywhere.
  • Resolve #1028 by adding in line helper toggle integration to all admin views.
  • Remove the import and export buttons until the area is fixed.
  • Add emptystate list template to all admin list views.
  • Fix #1026 by adding the correct layout to the filter views.
  • Fix #1026 by adding the class to the filter views.
  • Fix #1026 by adding a hint to the filters that are having multiple selection.
  • Fix the directional bog where a field in the filters are also called direction.
  • Fix the getModel helper method fot J4+.
  • Fix the AjaxController contructor class.
  • Improved the getModel calls from the AxajController class.
  • Improve the Joomla 4 Templates.
  • Fix #1033 the response class issue for the gitea classes.
  • Remove the JRegistry class to resolve #1036, #1035
  • Move the defined or die below use statements.
  • Add the new router view
  • Fix #1041 so that custom tabs are build correctly.
  • Fix #1043 so that delete function in Joomla 4 and 5 will work.
  • Fix #1045 so that plug-in Structure::setMainXmlFile method will except an object.
  • Fix #1042 so that it will remove line breaks and new lines from other languages as well.
  • Fix #1046 so that the version restore function will work.
  • Fix #1051 making sure the list view is lowercase.
  • Fix #1052 so that tabs last opened is remembered and opened again on save, refresh or reopening of an item.
  • Fix #1057 so that the datetime fields will be set correctly in mysql.
  • Fix #1055 to add the style and scripts to all views.
  • Move beta to main repo


  • Adds better remote repository management for the super power features.
  • Fixes #1014 so that powers are added to components.
  • Updates PHPSecLib.
  • Fixed connection failure to remote server.
  • Adds overriding of back-folder and git-folder on component level.


  • Fixed changelog direction so newest changes is listed at top of the file.
  • Finished the init function of super powers.
  • Adds rest function inside super power.
  • Adds super powers to all templates.
  • Updates many helper class methods to now use the utility classes.
  • Adds the spl_autoload_register method to the component entry file (as-well).
  • Moved most methods from the compiler fields class to powers. #955
  • Refactored many new builder classes from the registry class.
  • Converted the Content class to two builder classes.
  • Adds option to add additional templates to a module.
  • Resolves #1002 by adding STRING instead of WORD.
  • Ported the FOF encryption class into Powers.
  • Changed all CSS and JS to use Html::_( instead of $this->document-> in compiler code.
  • Adds option to turn jQuery off if UIKIT 3 is added.
  • Adds option to auto write injection boilerplate code in Powers area.
  • Adds option to auto write service provider boilerplate code in the Powers area.
  • Improved the getDynamicContent method and all banner locations to fetch from instead.
  • Major stability improvements all over the new powers complier classes.
  • New base Registry class has been created specially for JCB.
  • Remember to update all plug-ins with this version update (use the package).


  • Fix the update server #978 issue.
  • Fixed the change log to load all entries, not just the last one.
  • Fixed #983 so that database updates are created when adding a new adminview
  • Moved a few builder arrays to the Compiler Registry
  • Adds super powers to JCB
  • Adds Gitea API library
  • Improves Power filters
  • Fix #991 to add the Utilities service class
  • Adds Superpower Key (SPK) replacement feature
  • Adds Superpower search (GREP) feature
  • Adds Power Insert/Update Classes
  • Fix #995 that all update sites are using the correct URL


  • We fixed #972 so that custom code (in the header) will be added after the power namespaces
  • We added a message to show when a server move failed
  • We fixed the BaseConfig to not use '_' as separator
  • We fixed the footable loading issue
  • We removed the need for passing placeholders by reference
  • We added the option to generate a CHANGELOG
  • We fixed the server class to load new client if server details changed.
  • We fixed the readme placeholder issue #978.
  • We fixed the empty server url issue #978.
  • Fixed Package import to now use the phplibsec version 3