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Dealing with "issues" on Git

An "issue" typically refers to a feature, bug, or other point of discussion or task that requires attention. Issues serve multiple purposes:

  • Tracking: They help maintain a record of tasks, enhancements, and bugs for a specific project.
  • Discussion: They offer a platform for collaborators to discuss the task or bug in question, decide on solutions or approaches, and provide feedback.
  • Organization: Through the use of labels, milestones, and assignees, issues aid in categorizing and distributing work within a project.

When someone discovers a bug, has a question, or wishes to propose a new feature, they can open an issue in the repository. Other collaborators or the repository owner can then comment on the issue, offering feedback, solutions, or answers. Once the topic of the issue is resolved, it can be closed.

In our collaborative workflow, we use Issues to coordinate and track the development of specific course content. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Keep issues concise and to the point.
  • Title the issue descriptively, e.g., "General Check Up - BMI calculation".
  • Avoid bundling multiple problems into a single issue. Aim for succinct discussions of a problem and close the issue promptly once resolved.
  • To assign tasks, request feedback, or seek clarification on content-related topics, mention a specific team member by using the "@" symbol followed by their username, like @username.

Go to issues here: https://git.vdm.dev/joomla/eHealth-Portal/issues

Navigation on the eHealth system

Once you've logged in you will see this screen:

Hover with your cursor over Components - eHealth (right at the bottom of the list) Click it.

Now you should see the current "dashboard".

There are 2 Images for each category.

  • The one with the green PLUS on is to add a new entry to that category
  • The one without the plus is to see the entries of that category.

You can actually make entries and see how it all behaves in the system.

Once you have clicked on one item you will see the menu move to the left of your screen. You now see all the category options without the plus. Should you choose one you will see the list of items already created in the category. To create a new entry you click the green button top right of your screen.

Now you will be back at the same place should you have clicked a category image with a PLUS in the dashboard.