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Release of v5.0.1-alpha5
Add repositories for better integration with gitea. Refactored the Data classes. Add new Data classes.
2024-06-21 03:25:28 +02:00
Release of v5.0.1-alpha4
Change the extendsinterfaces field to allow null, #1139. Update the Schema class to also update null mismatching if needed.
2024-06-07 23:21:05 +02:00
Release of v5.0.1-alpha3
Add in JCB gitea push feature to help maintain JCB core features. Add extending options to interfaces.
2024-06-05 17:08:34 +02:00
Release of v5.0.1-alpha2
Fix permission issue for admin views.
2024-05-16 16:07:17 +02:00
Release of v5.0.1-alpha1
Fix auto build from SQL in Joomla 5.
2024-05-13 12:21:17 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-rc3
Improved the Schema Table update engine (more). Fix autoloader timing, and loading. Implement the Joomla Powers in JCB code, to move away from JClasses. Remove the SQL update, to only use the Schema updates of table columns to avoid collusion. Fix the admin.css file loading on dashboard. #1112. Fix dynamic get data-type default to 0. #1110.
2024-04-30 19:21:28 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-rc2
Improved the Schema Table update engine (more). Fix autoloader timing, and loading. Implement the Joomla Powers in JCB code, to move away from JClasses. Remove the SQL update, to only use the Schema updates of table columns to avoid collusion.
2024-04-30 12:29:37 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-rc1
Improved the Schema Table update engine (more). Fix autoloader timing, and loading. Implement the Joomla Powers in JCB code, to move away from JClasses.
2024-04-27 16:00:36 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-beta5
Fix the media field size limitation. #1109. Add dynamic datatype update to schema field check. Fix version_update column size. Improved the Schema Table update engine.
2024-04-24 21:38:12 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-beta4
Add fallback option to ensure that all JCB tables and fields exist. Move the powers autoloader to its own file.
2024-04-22 01:15:03 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-beta3
Add Joomla powers for namespace dynamic management.
2024-04-16 20:26:48 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-beta2
Add view list and single name fix. Add component code name fix. Add reset list of powers.
2024-04-09 13:54:59 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-alpha8
Add power path override option on component level. Fix the sql build feature. #1032.
2024-04-06 23:41:34 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-alpha7
Fix the search area layout. Fix the search area code line selection. Fix the input edit button for custom fields. Add the new layout to list fields (GUI UPDATE). Start fixing the field view in Joomla 5. #1096.
2024-03-26 22:51:07 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-alpha6
Fix [Set String Value] in placeholder table to store the value as a base64 string.
2024-03-20 15:36:42 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-alpha5
Add Factory class to the J5 Event class. #1093. Fix customfilelist field to conform to the new namespacing conventions. #1094. Add menus for languages, servers, get snippets to J5 #1095.
2024-03-20 14:22:10 +02:00
Release of v5.0.0-alpha4
Fix plugin field selection. Fix plugin params tab layout. Add issue templates. Force autoloader to always load. Fix repeatable layout #1076.
2024-03-15 12:26:29 +02:00
Stable release of v5.0.0-alpha2
Fix the plug-in installer script builder bug #1067. Fix Event triggers for Joomla 4 and 5 builds.
2024-03-11 18:30:57 +02:00
Stable release of v5.0.0-alpha1
First alpha release of Component Builder towards Joomla 5 (very unstable...).
2024-03-09 21:52:51 +02:00
Updates PHPSecLib. Fixed connection failure to remote server. Adds overriding of back-folder and git-folder on component level. 2023-10-24 09:46:36 +02:00
Adds better remote repository management for the super power features. Fixes #1014 so that powers are added to components. 2023-10-20 20:29:19 +02:00
Fixed changelog direction so newest changes is listed at top of the file. Finished the init function of super powers. Adds rest function inside super power. Adds super powers to all templates. Updates many helper class methods to now use the utility classes. Adds the method to the component entry file (as-well). Moved most methods from the compiler fields class to powers. #955 Refactored many new builder classes from the registry class. Converted the Content class to two builder classes. Adds option to add additional templates to a module. Resolves #1002 by adding STRING instead of WORD. Ported the FOF encryption class into Powers. Changed all CSS and JS to use instead of in compiler code. Adds option to turn jQuery off if UIKIT 3 is added. Adds option to auto write injection boilerplate code in Powers area. Adds option to auto write service provider boilerplate code in the Powers area. Improved the method and all banner locations to fetch from instead. Major stability improvements all over the new powers complier classes. New [base Registry class]( has been created specially for JCB. Remember to update all plug-ins with this version update (use the package). 2023-10-18 09:26:30 +02:00
a77eac9adf Update Ftp.php
Fix problem with parse_str missing mandatory result parameter since php 8.0.0
2023-09-16 01:00:56 +02:00
Fix repository indexing. 2023-05-22 15:06:43 +02:00
Fix the sorting of fields and views for PHP 8 2023-05-17 00:20:41 +02:00
Fix the update server #978 issue. Fixed the change log to load all entries, not just the last one. Fixed #983 so that database updates are created when adding a new adminview. Moved a few builder arrays to the Compiler Registry. Adds super powers to JCB. Adds Gitea API library. Improves Power filters. Fix #991 to add the Utilities service class. Adds Superpower Key (SPK) replacement feature. Adds Superpower search (GREP) feature. Adds Power Insert/Update Classe. Fix #995 that all update sites are using the correct URL. 2023-05-02 02:10:55 +02:00
Stable release of v3.1.19
We fixed #972 so that custom code (in the header) will be added after the power namespaces. We added a message to show when a server move failed. We fixed the BaseConfig to not use '_' as separator. We fixed the footable loading issue. We removed the need for passing placeholders by reference. We added the option to generate a CHANGELOG. We fixed the server class to load new client if server details changed. We fixed the readme placeholder issue #978. We fixed the empty server url issue #978. Fixed Package import to now use the phplibsec version 3.
2023-02-27 14:27:41 +02:00
Moves all major structre function to container. Adds new Server replacment class for legacy calls. Refactored multiple classes. Add more advanced compiler options, with donation notice. 2023-02-12 21:15:41 +02:00
Fixed alias builder #973 2023-02-06 13:28:45 +02:00
Move the Power, Plugin and Module builders into the container. Many more PHP 8 improvments. 2023-01-29 22:12:42 +02:00
Move the whole compiler GET of the component object to now use the container->component object/class. 2023-01-22 02:38:21 +02:00
Converts compiler to move component get methods to the powers area. 2023-01-15 10:42:19 +02:00
Moved minify to powers. Improved the mapper class. 2023-01-08 12:01:14 +02:00
Adds some PHP 8 ready changes to compiler classes. Adds Server and Crypt classes. 2023-01-01 04:11:34 +02:00
Adds phpseclib version 3. 2022-12-29 08:12:03 +02:00
Adds power infusion class. 2022-12-18 10:16:43 +02:00
Moved all placeholder behaviour to class function. Moved dynamic content to the content class. 2022-12-11 17:06:13 +02:00
Adds new Content class. Adds the intial Package Classes. Removed phpseclib. 2022-12-04 11:23:43 +02:00
Rename some database classes, adds the core database classes. 2022-11-27 09:31:56 +02:00
Moved Core Table class to be used all over JCB. 2022-11-20 10:51:56 +02:00
Adds form task, token to search form. Adds url updater to search area. 2022-11-12 22:42:08 +02:00
Release search stable BETA. 2022-11-04 22:18:05 +02:00
Adds beta search engine to JCB. 2022-11-02 21:48:20 +02:00
Continued development on the search feature 2022-10-31 00:34:54 +02:00
Moved some class around for better structure in the jcb_powers of JCB. Fixed small issue with JCB package export. 2022-10-23 23:18:02 +02:00
Improved the compiler power building class. Add the search form and the needed ajax functions. 2022-10-20 16:40:18 +02:00
Fixed issue #957 to load classes namespace. Refactored search classes. Improved the Power compiler class. 2022-10-06 19:34:44 +02:00
Fixed power include issue in plugin. 2022-09-20 15:09:12 +02:00
Adds licensing template option to the powers area. 2022-09-20 13:06:03 +02:00
Adds the update option for sub-form array values 2022-09-19 10:05:41 +02:00