6 058 The Quick Hello Word with JCB
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Installation Of A Hello World Component For Free

00:00:00 (Click on these time links to see Youtube video)

Recently I was asked whether I am seriously saying that the Hello World tutorial should be an hour long? I had to laugh because the tutorial is doing way more than what a Hello World tutorial should do. We are going to do the real quick Hello World tutorial.

Go to 'Extensions', Install. Searched for JCB. Open it and click Install. 00:00:37 Again Install. On success we go to Component Builder, click on 'Import JCB Packages'. Go to VDM Packages. Select the Hello World Component for free. Click Get Package. It has a checksum validation '4134e94.....' 00:01:06 Click the link to check and make sure that it is the same key as on GitHub. We can check if that key matches the same key as on GitHub. The package is still authentic and then says 'Yes', Force Local Update. Click continue. Import was successful. Go back to Joomla Components, Hello World Component has 00:01:35 been installed. Go to Compiler and click Hello World and Compile. It was successfully compiled. Click install. We look at the back end. Create a greeting. Type: Hi James. 00:02:02 Save and close.

Our first greeting is set. We go to Main menu. Change the main menu to be a selection type Hello World, Greetings. That should be it. Save and close. Click on Joomla Mount, we will see the page 00:02:37 is not redirecting properly. That might be a problem in the component. Go back to Hello World, click on the Global Options, Permissions and we search for site. There are some site views that we need to allow it to show public. Click 'Greetings' and 'Allowed'. 00:03:02 Those two will show. Save and refresh to front. There we have it. There is a greeting, Hi James. Click on it and it says, Hi James. Go back one and then click on edit. It says not allowed to edit. I'm not in the edit group. Go back to the back-end. Click on Options. 00:03:29 We could give edit permissions as public. Hello World is in place and functional. It was really very quick to do. This is the quick setup for a Hello World Component in Joomla Component Builder without waiting a whole hour.