1 084 Default Database Values can be set per Field Type
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Default Database Values can be set per Field Type

So we have added another nice sort of improvement I would say by request of one of our fellow developers. Whenever you create a field 00:00:16 You always have to once you have selected the field type, say for instance a 'List' or , let's make it 'Text' for now. There is the Text field(See video). You can set up the properties as usual and remove whatever values you do not want and then you need to set the database values every time. 00:00:43 Although you might be using the same database set of values for specific type of field types you need to set an every time which is cumbersome. So we have added a new feature which is not active by default. It because we want you to know that it does that. We want you to set it. In doing so you can set it the way it works for you which means you still need to know a little bit of 00:01:20 how the database values should be stored. For example 'Number' that could be most unlikely that it is not an integer. So we can can say integer 11 and leave the rest like that and, Save. So now we have the default database value for 'Number' set. If we 00:01:49 next time open a New field and select 'Number' it will automatically add that database values. You can of course still change them to maybe a larger integer or whatever is appropriate for your purpose at this stage but it sort of gives you that little bit of, yes continual use of already decided values 00:02:28 regarding a database for this specific field type. That is just a quick demonstration. I am sure that there is not really much to it. You can now go through your field types and choose for example, ' Telephone'. You are always going to use' Varchar', maybe 64 00:02:54 and set that up and so you could go on. We can say 'Text' also to to varchar 255 00:03:13 and so you could set a lot of default database values for your fields.