7 061 Add or Remove Prefix to Component Name in Joomla Menu
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Little Arrow - Prefix In Front Of Component Builder

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I would like to demonstrate to you the new feature of removing and adding a prefix to your Component Name in the Joomla menu. Take a look at the menu there is this little arrow in front of Component Builder. That is the prefix. In the past, it would add that automatically. Now it will still do that but you can change it.

Global Tab - Add Menu Prefix


Go to the global options of a component and under the Global tab you will see a new area called Add Menu Prefix. There is a little description. You can say, 'No'. It will not have any prefix. You can change this to any other prefix you want. It is not necessary to add a space. The space is automatically done. You can check out this list.


There is a link to a list of HTML character entities that you need to use to change that arrow. You need to make sure to use something that can be placed inside of an XML file. That means that if you want to use strange characters like that arrow, you will need to use the HTML. You could also use your company name or you can use anything. It will add that as a prefix to the component name.

Illustration - Change The Prefix


To illustrate this, let me change this a little bit. I am grabbing the value, the one without the x is the one we looking for. This '&#8857' value I am going to grab that little circle with a dot. Well, let's take the one with the circle in a circle that looks nice and add it in. Click Save. It is asking me to add some other info as well. Try again, save and close. Let's go and compile one of the 00:02:19 Demo Components. You can say Demo and Compile. Install it. Now it has this little circle next to the demo name. That is the way we can change that little prefix. The option to remove it altogether, 00:02:45 is also there. Saying no 'prefix', save and close. Let's do it again. Compile and Install and now it is just the way usual components will look. There is the Demo. This little Prefix can be added or removed. Thanks to this new feature.