1 077 Run Expansion Explained
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I'd like to explain a New feature or An old feature that is been revived Somehow In JCB. The feature is now visible 00:00:13 On many of the The pages It's called Run expansion Now I realize that When you would click on this at the moment It'll give you an error And it will tell you the expansion failed Please check your settings 00:00:34 in the Global options Of JCB under the development tab So you need to basically open these Global options And under the development tab You need to read Some of this Instructions So Development method tab has 00:00:56 Now there's new switch called expansion And here is basically the documentation on what expansion is all about Really what has happened in my developing experience Is that We build Multiple components that have a relationship with each other Share classes Share code And files and While you busy working on those components 00:01:30 You need to often times Basically compile and install them To test whether Things have broken or everything still stable and so forth So That's what I use the expansion method primarily for but There is a future application of the expansion method Which is not yet been fully realized And When we are able to bring 00:02:01 All of that to the To the to the community then I'll make another tutorial in explaining There you know the expansion of expansion Might be too much but For now the expansion method is primarily an option Of selecting multiple components you can see here You can select Multiple Components 00:02:29 And Then have them compiled and installed At once And quite Rapidly actually So you could You could say ok I want all of these Components To be moved To The Back-up folder 00:02:50 And To repository Folder And Show The custom placeholder And give me a message Not just that it was successful but Everything which was done You could have this run on a cron job Which means 00:03:07 It keeps on running in the background Always compiling and installing this over and over and over and That is part of If we If our feature purpose or plans come to pass Then you would see why this Was actually Necessary So this point is maybe in doesn't make That much of sense but for The previous implementation which is what you see here 00:03:38 Is to basically just Install and compile Multiple Different Components select the same Different components So we would do this it's gonna ask that Ok there we go save and Close So now we have our expansion components selected 00:04:04 If I now click run expansion It says access denied And That is because The expansion works through the API There is a well slowly we are busy developing an API for JCB It's not fully there yet but You know we were busy with it and in the API We need to actually 00:04:31 Have a user selected that has Enough permission to actually compile and install components So you need to select A user that has that Level of permission I ask the API user used during the execution Of the Of the Expansion 00:04:51 Method Ok so let's try again If we now Do that If you think about how long it would have taken to install Compile and install compile and it's install compile install Each of those Components Individually 00:05:07 And The time that it now Took to compile it and in Install it There is a Somewhat of a difference And the fact that it doesn't give you the option to download the package it immediately after compiling it Actually installs it and removes it from the temporary folder so you can see 00:05:28 it tells you that all of that It's been done for This component For that one and so forth all the way down here So all these components now who compiled and installed Right into the system in that moment And that's really at the moment What the expansion method is primarily used for like I said we have Some 00:05:52 Future plans with this preacher When it comes to integrator developing Concepts where we as teams work together Then there is the possibility that We could Use this feature Even further Ok so that is the expansion method hope this makes Sense I mean if you don't like it or you don't 00:06:21 See the need for a it Just ignore it Even if you did set it To use the expansion method It only means that your expansion buttons Will function when you click them By Default JCB ships with the expansion method On In inactive So that if someone clicks here by accident 00:06:44 It will tell you that the expansion method is disabled and it you should actually Enable it for it to work And I mean that also makes sense right because You don't want the expansion method to trigger Without You Knowing why and what it's doing. Ok well thanks for watching Until next time.