10 Developing with Joomla Component Builder
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The videos on the Home page of this wiki are being transcribed and edited to retain each video's spoken words as closely as possible. Screen shots from the video are added if they are deemed necessary to illustrate the text by example, and include the YouTube timeline location to quickly move the video controller's slider to where that frame begins. Links are inserted where they are referred to in the video to quickly view the site and explore the topic further while pausing the video.

If the video could not be completed in one sitting, a suggestion is to use the timeline location in YouTube and place it in a copy of the manual or section of it in your editor as a study guide. Use the timeline location to mark any locations so you can pick up where you left off later. You may also wish to mark text elsewhere with timeline locations to revisit a concept requiring further study. Many other uses are possible to enhance your learning experience such as making notes in your copy of the manual.

The transcripts also facilitate requests for a written manual. To achieve this, a Microsoft Word document will accompany this wiki soon. It will be updated along with the wiki as new video transcriptions are added. This document and the wiki will be identical except for the various formatting and other enhancements made available by the application that are more difficult to accomplish in the wiki and give the manual a more polished appearance. For those not using Word, Apache OpenOffice is also able to read the document and is freely available.

Chapter 1 - Intro to JCB